Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Giving a Little Preview of You in Your Home

Someone once told me that three places in your home that you can give a flavor of your personal tastes and style and create a welcoming atmosphere are your front door, mantle, and dining table. These are areas that you can change up seasonally or as your tastes change, and give guests in your home a way of seeing what your decorating style is at first glance. I'm still working on my table, but I've recently finished updating the door and mantle. So, here is how I've currently decorated those areas, and of course, they are DIY projects that cost me hardly anything!

Front door:

View from the street

Closer up; my dad made this iron-art piece for me, the planter I pulled out of a trash pile!, and the personalized wreath I made very inexpensively (see below)

Upclose of the planter box; loved the weathered/aged look, this was exactly how I found it, and yes, out of a trash pile on the side of the road!

And here's the close up of the wreath; I found the wreath at Hobby Lobby, loved the unique shape of it, and it was half off. I then recycled this ribbon from the diaper cake made for me at Luke's baby shower! And the "D" I made out of a recycled FedEx box! I just drew the shape of the letter, cut it out, and used hot glue and burlap to cover it, then used hot glue to add the rick-rack; lastly used hot glue to attach it to the wreath. Easy as can be and practically free!


Here is the first version of my mantle. I've had the old window there for awhile, but just recently added the wreath. Got this idea from my friend, Tiffany, but loved it so much, I had to adjust the idea for my space.

Second version: I took out the moss orbs and added books that I turned pages out to uniform the color and make it more neutral. I also adjusted the other accessories.

Upclose of the wreath. Love how this adds so much to the window

Another view of the mantle

Last view from the other side

Hope you enjoyed this little piece of me through my spaces and maybe have gotten a few ideas for the first welcoming spaces in your home!