Monday, September 13, 2010

The Birth of a New Blog: Man Cave vs. Mom Cave

Ross and I were watching tv the other night and we saw a Home Goods commercial where a lady converted her husband's "man cave" into a "mom cave" using all the great stuff she found out shopping! Her husband comes home with a bunch of buddies, and much to his surprise his room is gone and she is lounging in a chaise, reading a magazine. Looking quite puzzled, he says something like, "Man cave?" And she sort of sheepishly replies, "Mom cave?!" I thought it was great, and, as Ross says, "my wheels started spinning!" Every momma needs a place to retreat, but seldom do we take time or find a place to be by ourselves and pursue other interests that excite us.

One day I hope to have a mom cave (MC) of my own, aka, a room in my house where I can go and do all my projects; somewhere to set up my sewing machine, organize my craft stuff, set up a gift wrapping station, etc. As you can tell I've been thinking about this for awhile! My MC would be a place to relax and unwind and to have fun doing all the little things that interest me outside of being a wife, raising two kids, and teaching ballet! But until that room exists, I'll continue to have my dining room overrun with project stuff!

So after all of that daydreaming about the perfect MC, the idea for this blog popped into my head! I have been wanting to go private with our family blog for awhile now, but still wanted to be able to post and have people view DIY ideas, projects, recipes, and other various interests. So this blogspot is the perfect place.

For the time being, this will be my dreamed about MC. Projects will be continue to be done in my overcrowded dining room or anywhere else I can find a spot, until one day you'll be reading posts from my own MC itself! What a great day that will be!

I hope you'll enjoy this little place of my own, and maybe you'll get inspired to create a mom cave too!


  1. love the idea! love the name! wish i'd thought of it, but it's SO you! i look forward to all your great diy ideas! xoxo