Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Finally Finished!!

I've finally finished the piece of furniture I gave you a before shot of last month. It has gone from "drab to fab!" I love the way it came out! I've wanted a coat closet so badly and a way to have great storage right by the door for mail, keys, kids' shoes/bags, and all those miscellanous objects that clutter! So here is my solution...

So a little history behind this piece: Ross and I rescued it off the side of the road! The original piece had drawers on the left side that were all busted up along with a cracked leg. Although he was skeptical, I saw the potential! I've always wanted to find junk and turn it into treasure! So my dad helped in fixing the leg and made the shelves for the baskets and we turned it into this great storage piece for our entryway.

I don't have step-by-step pictures of the painting process, but basically I painted Sherwin Williams "Caribbean Coral" (same wall color in by guest bathroom) first, then painted "Pacer White" (same color as our interior trim color) over that. I then took my handy-dandy sander and roughed up the whole piece, sanding harder in some spots than others so that the original color would come out. Here are a couple upclose pictures of the edges:

I found the baskets at Bed, Bath, and Beyond on clearance. They were orignally $17 a piece but were on sale for $10. I had 20% coupons for each basket so was able to get them for about $8/ea! They started out like this:

But I then decided they weren't as impactful as I wanted. So I found chalkboard labels from this store on Etsy and made the little cards to attach them to. I then personalized each label with our names. Here is an upclose shot and a little mini picture tutorial on how to make the label cards:

To the inside of the wardrobe, I added a door mat cut-to-size on the bottom to allow for shoe storage if needed. I also added cork squares (using the adhesive squares that come with them) to the inside of the door to have a place to hold invitations, announcements, etc. I used twine and pushpins to make the diamond pattern to hold the cards.

A few personal items accessorize the top:

And a nice knob for the door (found at Hobby Lobby) to finish it off:

Not bad for a old dresser/wardrobe picked up off the side of the road! Let me know whatcha think and how you have added storage in your home!

I have so many more projects that I've started or are swirling around in my head so stick with me! The posts are few and far between right now, but eventually I'll get back to posting more often! Two little ones are kinda keeping my attention right now, and that's just how it should be!:)


  1. Oh my goodness what a transformation! I love how you made it such a useful and practical piece, but also really cute. I also love that you found it on the side of the road :)

  2. Oh I love how it turned out! Good for you for seeing the potential in "one person's trash..."! LOVE the basket labels.

  3. Meredith, great description: "drab to fab"; functional, and just funky enough. I admire both your creativity and your energy. A great look.


  4. I think you did a great job turning something that was discarded into something useful. It was a great idea to put up the cork squares for notes and such.